Economie de l’eau / Water Economics


Drinking water is a limited, scarce good – hence it is an economic good. The difference between a typical commodity and water is that without water, humans seize to exist. Thus, proper water supply management is crucial.

Water tends to be underpriced /undervalued in many countries and cities. Most of the time the price of water does not equal the marginal cost of supply. A vast literature covers this issue of “optimal pricing” and is still today one of the hot topics.

Read here to understand the Economic conception of water. Eloquently and scientifically explained by W.M. Hanemann, University of California, Berkley.

Here is a textbook for an intermediate course in water economics – To understand the essentials of economic theory applied to water issues: Ronald C. Griffin, Water Resource Economics – The Analysis of Scarcity, Policies, and Projects (2005)

Thème de recherche / Research area:

  • Le prix de l’eau / The price of water
    • Eau en bouteille vs Eau du robinet / Bottled water vs Tap water
  • Gestion des services de l’eau / Ownership type of water utilities
  • Marché de l’eau / Water markets
  • Groundwater extraction
  • Pénurie de l’eau dans les pays émergeants / Water scarcity in developing countries
  • Accès a l’eau dans les pays émergeants / Access to water in developing countries
  • Non-revenue-water
  • Gestion de l’eau urbaine / Urban water management
    • Thème de recherche d’Elissa



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